Library Video Tutorials

Library Website Tour and Assistance

Library website tour – you may have noticed the Library’s home page on the website has changed – with a new search interface and a reordered listing of services. (2:37)

Deciphering search results – how to use the library’s new interface search results. (4:35)

Finding topics – how to use three library databases to pick a research topic. (4:00) 

How-to Guides – librarian created pages that direct students to subject specific resources. (2:18)

CRAP Test – how to evaluate online sources using Currency, Reliability, Authority, Purpose. (9:09)

Tools That Help With Using Library Sources

Borrowing from other libraries – an introduction to using the interlibrary loan system. (3:50)

Full text – how to access full-text articles from the library’s databases and website. (2:37)

Specific journal title – using the Fetch Item tool to determine access and online availability to a specific journal title. (2:40)