Healthcare Programs

MedicalLabTech.jpgThe field of healthcare offers exciting and well-paying careers with plenty of room for advancement. Bismarck State College has the programs you need to begin working in these rewarding careers in just two years or less. Not only could you be in demand, but you could help doctors diagnose diseases, be an important part of a surgical team, and save a life. With your degree from BSC, you’ll have the skills necessary to reach your beyond. 

Medical Laboratory Technician

The mission of the BSC Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) program is to provide a high quality, learning-centered education in medical laboratory theory and practice that maximizes student learning and makes students partners in their education.


Nurses are in high demand in North Dakota and throughout the United States. BSC offers several nursing options including a one-year certificate, two-year Associate in Applied Science, or Associate in Science with transfer option to a baccalaureate program -- all of which prepare students for the workforce upon completion. 

Surgical Technologysurgtech

Surgical Technology is a job readiness program for students interested in the exciting environment of the operating room. Surgical technologists possess an expertise in the theory and application of sterile technique. Their combined knowledge of human anatomy, surgical procedures and surgical instrumentation allows them to aid a physician's performance.

Paramedic Technology

EMT.jpgParamedic Technology, the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course, and Advanced EMT course, prepare students to become entry-level Emergency Medical Services providers. BSC affiliates with St. Alexius Medical Center, Metro Area Ambulance Service, and other medical entities to provide hospital, clinical and field internship training, plus classroom, laboratory and Internet course education.