Technology Programs

The Level Playing Field Institute tells us that 1.4 million new tech jobs will be added by 2020, but 70% will be unfilled. Today, approximately 50% of U.S. jobs are in STEM fields; in 10 years 75% will be STEM-related.

The need is great, the jobs are there. And the education you need is at BSC!  In two years or less, you’ll be ready to step into a great paying, fast growing STEM role or half way to a four year degree. Learn more and enroll today!

Cybersecurity and Computer Networks

This degree program combines system administration fundamentals with a foundation in cybersecurity concepts. Classes focus on best practices to implement, administer, and secure operating systems and computer networks.

Electronics Technology

Electronics.jpgThis one-year program provides a basic electronics background. Taught in BSC's well-equipped modern laboratory, coursework includes two semesters of digital electronics and classes in alternating current and direct current analysis, solidstate devices and active devices. On campus courses start in the fall.

Electronics and Telecommunications Technology

The Electronics & Telecommunications Technology program provides students with a good basic electronics background with specialization in analog and digital telecommunications, copper and fiber optic media, radio communications, and digital electronics. The program is intense and directly applicable to the job market.

Web Page Development and Design

Web.jpgIn this ever-changing, high-demand field, BSC's Web Page Development and Design program offers students training in Web languages, Adobe Creative Suite software, Search Engine Optimization and e-commerce development. Enrollment options include a one-year Certificate or two-year degree.

Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology prepares students for employment as engineering technicians in engineering and construction related industries. Students learn computer aided design (CAD) and Global Information Systems (GIS), industry and laboratory testing procedures, surveying techniques, structural analysis and construction management.

Geographic Information Systems Technician

GIS.JPGBSC's GIS program offers students the opportunity to enter into one of the fastest growing careers in the U.S. Three program options give students flexibility as they learn about cartography, scale, metadata and database management.