Withdraw to Zero Credits

You are encouraged to contact an advisor prior to withdrawing. An advisor can assist you in determining if withdrawing is appropriate or if there are other options to remain enrolled in all or some of your classes.

The Withdraw to Zero Credits form can ONLY be used if grades (A-F) have not been earned in any courses and if ALL courses fall within the Last Day to Drop/Withdraw deadline.

Complete the steps below to Withdraw to Zero credits:
  1. Review the Dates and Deadlines
    Note:  The withdrawal must be completed on or before the last day to withdraw for the semester. 
  2. Review the Withdrawal Limits and Regulations
  3. Submit the Withdrawal to Zero Credits Form (requires NDUS login)
                        This form is not compatible with Chrome, please use an alternative browser!
  4. Note:  If you are a collaborative student (BSC degree-seeking), please review the Collaborative Drop/Withdraw Processes prior to submitting this form. 
If you have any questions regarding the Withdraw to Zero Credits form, please contact the Academic Records Office:
Phone: 701-224-5420
Email: BSC.records@bismarckstate.edu