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Her dreams took her from BSC to the Big Apple
By: Kim Singer
photo of Lindsey Ellefson standing in front of a CNN logo
From high school on, Lindsey Ellefson had a goal: To work for CNN by age 30. Armed with an associate of arts degree from BSC and a bachelor’s degree...
Sed a volutpat ex, quis blandit dui.
By: Aliquam Ornare
Sed a volutpat ex, quis blandit dui. Vestibulum iaculis fermentum congue. Cras vitae venenatis augue. Suspendisse nec nibh diam. Donec libero diam, rhoncus...
He started at BSC, now he’s aiming for a Ph.D.
By: Kim Singer
Dylan Horner of Mandan graduated from BSC with an Associate of Arts degree, which he said laid the foundation for continuing his education. He decided...
Prepared for every stage of his life
By: Kim Singer
It may be surprising to find out that BSC Foundation Theatre Scholarship recipient and NDSU’s December 2016 commencement speaker Nathan Kurtti didn’t...

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