EIA Predicts More Electricity Use This Summer Compared to Last Year

 Apr 20 2018

Americans will use more electricity this summer than last, and pay more, according to federal energy officials.

In its annual Summer Fuels Outlook, issued April 10, the Energy Information Administration said the typical U.S. residential customer will use an average of 1,055 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month during the summer electricity generation period of June through August. That's up about 1 percent from the 2017 season "as a result of warmer forecast temperatures," EIA said.

"Compared with last summer, this summer's temperatures are forecast to be warmer throughout the eastern area of the country but milder in the western states. Summer-over-summer changes in average household electricity usage range from 6 percent less consumption in the Pacific states to 5 percent more consumption in New England," the report said.

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