Texas, North Dakota, And New Mexico Leading the U.S. Shale Oil Revolution

 Oct 04 2019
Since 2008, the American shale oil boom has grown domestic crude production some 150% to 12.4 million b/d. It's been a huge shale party especially led by North Dakota and Texas. The Bakken in North Dakota, and the Permian and Eagle Ford shale plays in Texas account for some 60% of U.S. crude oil production and 85% of U.S. shale oil production. The Permian is now the largest oil field in the world, surpassing Saudi Arabia's giant Ghawar. Also in the Permian, I would be remiss not to mention New Mexico, where crude production since 2008 has jumped 5.5-fold to around 0.9 million b/d. Since the beginning of last year, EIA reports that output in the Bakken is up 25%, the Permian up 55%, and the Eagle Ford up 10%.

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