BSC engineering alum helps bring clean drinking water to rural ND

 Aug 01 2018
Heading into the spring semester of his senior year in college, Philip Markwed already had a job lined up for after graduation with Bartlett & West, an engineering firm in Bismarck. His time as an undergrad involved spending two years studying preengineering at BSC and then transferring to North Dakota State University where he graduated with a 4.0 GPA. He largely attributes his success in college to the accessibility of his BSC professors when he took several difficult courses, such as Introduction to Differential Equations. He’s especially grateful for BSC professors Dan Leingang, David Sagsveen and the late Scott Klingenstein.

Although Markwed knew coming out of high school what career he wanted to pursue, he wasn’t quite sure what type of engineer he wanted to be. “I had heard good things about the pre-engineering program there. I used that time at BSC to determine which discipline I wanted to go into.”

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