Professor to present on the war trauma veterans and their families face

 Nov 07 2017
Bismarck State College’s Bringing the Humanities to Life committee brings professor and author Dr. Christina Weber to campus to present her ongoing work with veterans and their families and how they’ve been impacted by war and trauma.
Weber will give her presentation on Monday, Nov. 13 at 2 p.m. in the BSC National Energy Center of Excellence Basin Electric Auditorium.
“Many people are either veterans, family of veterans, or friends of veterans and the effects of war and trauma are something that many people find hard to talk about,” committee member and BSC Assistant Professor of English Michael Tomanek said of the decision to bring Weber to Bismarck. “People want to be supportive but don’t always know how.”
Weber is an associate professor of sociology at North Dakota State University. She has authored the book “Social Memory and War Narratives: Transmitted Trauma among Children of Vietnam Veterans,” published in 2015. In her book, Weber examines the concept of the war as a social monad, a confusing array of personal stories and public histories that disrupt traditional ways of knowing the social world for the second generation.
Weber’s presentation is free and open to the public.