Campus Safety & Security


BSC Safety and Security department is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for the thousands of students, faculty, staff and visitors that live, work and study at Bismarck State College. With a primary mission of protecting lives and property, and the belief that people are our most valuable resource we are dedicated to building community partnerships and applying unique and innovative policing practices to the college environment.                                              

Office Hours:
  • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday
Security Hours:
  • 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 Midnight, Monday - Friday
PHONE NUMBER: 701-224-2700    

Employees of Campus Safety and Security
Matthew Giddings
, Campus Safety & Security Manager - (701) 224-5789
Nate Welk
, Safety & Security Police Officer - (701) 224-2649
Austin Hoesel
, Safety & Security Guard - (701) 224-2700

Safety and Crime Prevention Tips

Report a Complaint or Concern

Public Safety Services

Online Reporting

Parking Permits

Emergency Procedure Guide

Crime Reporting

The BSC Safety and Security Department encourages all people who are victims or witnesses to crimes, to report the information immediately to our office or the Bismarck Police Department.


If you are a victim of a crime or witness a crime you should do the following:
  • On-campus call the Campus Safety & Security at 701-224-2700 and/or the Bismarck Police at 701-223-1212 immediately for any emergency including medical assistance, fires, suspicious people or activities, crime reports, traffic accidents, and other law violations.
  • Attempt to obtain a description of the offender(s), including sex, age, race, hair, clothing, and distinguishable features. Attempt to obtain a description and license number of any vehicle involved. Note the direction taken by offenders or vehicles and report these to the police.
  • Preserve the crime scene. Do not touch any items involved in the incident. Close off the area of the incident and do not allow anyone in the crime area until the Bismarck Police arrive.
  • Victims of a crime, or witness to a crime may report the crime anonymously and confidentially to any of the staff or officers previously listed in this report. Reports may be made by telephone or by e-mail since all staff have private phones and e-mail accounts. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are readily available in the college catalog and student planners and on the BSC web page. Victims and witnesses of crimes are encouraged to report the crime as soon as possible so that timely warnings to the campus can be made if the situation warrants it.

Campus Safety & Security Report

Members of the Bismarck State College community are encouraged to use this report as a guide for engaging in safe activities on and off campus.

Campus Security & Fire Safety Report 2017