Bismarck State College uses your official BSC email address to communicate important information. It is your responsibility to check your BSC email account regularly. 

First Time Student User

Click the EMAIL graphic at the top of the page
  • When logging in, your username will be your NDUS Account ID (typically firstname.lastname) plus  Example:
  • Your email password is the same one you created for CampusConnection.
Note: The is a universal email login that students take with them to other institutions in the state that use the same email system. This login/password is used to authenticate to all Office 365 services.When you send and receive email it will show as coming from/to your NDUS address.

If you need more information or have questions, email or call the BSC Computer Center/Help Desk at 701-224-5442


If you do not remember your login information (user ID and/or password) visit the NDUS Help Desk site

Email on your Mobile Device

Microsoft has a guide for setting up Office and email on mobile devices. When setting up your device:
  1. Choose Microsoft Exchange
  2. The user name is your NDUS Example:
  3. The server is