Login Information


Your NDUS Account consists of an account ID and a password. This account is used to access NDUS services, including Campus Connection, online courses (Blackboard), lab computers, secure wireless, as well as your student email account.

The NDUS Account Info site is where you can claim your NDUS account, change your password, look up your account ID and EMPLID, and check your password status.

If you have forgotten your password, visit the NDUS Account Info site and click "I Forgot My NDUS Account Password". If you had previously entered an alternate email address, click "Email Verification" to have a password reset link sent to that email account. If you did not enter an alternate email address, click "Challenge Questions and Answers" to bring up your challenge questions. If you answer those correctly, it will allow you to reset your password.

If you run into issues with your password, contact the NDUS Help Desk toll free at 1-866-457-6387 - they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance.

Note:  Your NDUS account password does not expire, however it is good practice to change it periodically for security reasons.