Temporary Medical Conditions

Courtesy services may be provided to students who need access in the classroom and/or campus environments because of a temporary medical condition such as a broken arm or a broken leg or infectious mononucleosis which is expected to resolve in a matter of weeks or a few months. Unlike services or accommodations approved for eligible students with disabilities, BSC is not obligated to provide "courtesy services" under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
The BSC Student Affairs office will attempt to assist students dealing with temporary medical conditions in their efforts to remain enrolled in courses. It is the student's responsibility to follow the steps listed below. BSC cannot guarantee that services will be provided in all situations, but personnel of the college will make every effort to assist as possible.
In the event a student is hospitalized, the student can contact the Associate Dean of Student Affairs at 701-224-2701 or jay.meier@bismarckstate.edu. Office personnel will notify faculty members of the situation. This notification does not mean the student will be excused from class. Retroactive notices of absence will not be sent by the Student Affairs office.

Students needing assistance with temporary medical conditions should follow these steps:

Step 1:
The student is expected to make his/her own arrangements for assistance when possible. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, asking a roommate, classmate, family member or friend for transportation or assistance with carrying books; seeking notes from another class participant; and asking the faculty member to scribe or locate a scribe for an exam.
Step 2:
If the student is unable to make his/her own arrangements for specific needs, the student can submit the following Request for Assistance with Temporary Medical Conditions form to arrange for possible assistance.

A supporting statement from the treating professional will also need to be submitted to Jay Meier at jay.meier@bismarckstate.edu  The supporting statement must:
  • Be communicated on letterhead
  • Identify the relevant academic limitation due to the condition, such as cannot write due to broken dominant hand
  • State an approximate length of time the student will be impacted, if possible.
The student must also submit a copy of their current class schedule along with the request form and supporting letter from the treating professional.

Please note: Equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches or temporary accessible parking permits need to be accessed through the student's health care provider.  

Step 3:
If the medical condition prevents the student from attending classes for an extended period of time, the students will need to contact each of his/her instructors to explain the absence, share the professionals written statement about the condition, and determine the time frame to make up the work. Each instructor will advise the student on how the absence will affect the student's grade and whether it is feasible to remain enrolled in the class.
If it becomes necessary for the student to withdraw from classes after the deadline, the student can initiate the process by completing and submitting a Withdraw to Zero Credits form online.  

Students requesting accommodations for a permanent disability are expected to register with the Student Accessibility office. Contact them at (701)-224-5671 for more information.